June 2001
During the month of June, Zip Caplan and Bernie Bomberg will be taping 13 segments for the Channel 45 cable show Horror Inc., hosted by Count Dracula. The segments will air beginning with the 2nd Season Premier in September and will feature trailers from many of the Horror movies, Serials and TV series featured on the "Monsters and Heroes" CD. Sound clips from the CD will replace the original soundtracks; while Zip and Bernie answer questions from the Count in addition to citing interesting facts about each film clip.

Beginning with the June 3rd show "Monsters and Heroes" will be added to the play list on the well-known syndicated radio program Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford (Magic 105 in Little Rock). The station can be picked up in various parts of the country and internet users with audio downloads can hear the program by logging on to their web site (see our links page to log on direct). The show airs every Sunday night from 7pm to 12am and Clyde will be giving away copies of the CD on air.